This is a selected list of publications. You can find a full listing of our work on pubmed.

preprints / in press

Rich and lazy learning in brains and neural networks
Flesch et al
BiorXiv preprint
How do (perceptual) distracters distract?
Dumbalska et al
PsyarXiv preprint
Generalising state transitions in the hippocampus
Glitz et al
BiorXiv preprint


Neural state space alignment for humans and neural networks.
Sheahan et al
Neuron 2021
Optimal utility functions
under noisy decisions
Juechems et al
PNAS 2021

Optional stopping in a
heteroscedastic world
Tickle et al
Psychological Review
Normative principles in natural environments
Parpart & Summerfield
Annual Review of Psychology
A normative account of
confirmatory bias in RL
Lefevre et al
Neural Computation

Hippocampal place cells encode global not local space
Duvelle et al
Current Biology


How can neuroscientists respond to the climate emergency?
Aron et al
Neuron, 2020
If deep learning is the answer, what is the question?
Saxe et al
Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 2020
Neural mechanisms of selective integration, Luyckx et al
Cerebral Cortex
A map of decoy influence in human choice
Dumbalska et al
PNAS, 2020
Structure learning and the
parietal cortex
Summerfield et al
Prog. NeuroBio. 2020
A space of candidate learning rules for deep networks
Cao et al
NeurIPS, 2020


Neural structure mapping during reward learning
Luyckx et al
Elife, 2019
Human noise blindness and suboptimal inference
Herce-Castanon et al
Nature Comms, 2019
Where does value come from?
Juechems et al
TICS, 2019
Causal inference in the multisensory brain
Cao et al
Neuron, 2019
A network for computing value equilibrium
Juechems et al
Neuron, 2019


Gain control explains the effects of distraction
Li et al
PNAS, 2018
Continual learning in minds and machines
Flesch et al
PNAS, 2018


Neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence
Hassabis et al
Neuron 2017
Robust averaging protects against neural noise
Li et al
PLOS Comp. Biol. 2017
Ventromedial PFC encodes cumulative reward
Juechems et al
Neuron 2017
Decisions in rodents, monkeys and humans
Hanks & Summerfield Neuron 2017
Robust sampling of decision information
Vandormael et al
PNAS 2017
Selective overweighting of numerical magnitudes
Spitzer et al
Nature Hum Behav 2017
Confidence matching in group decision-making
Bang et al
Nature Hum Behav 2017


Hierarchical planning in a virtual subway network
Balaguer et al
Neuron, 2016
Encoding of stimulus probability in macaque IT
Bell et al
Current Biology, 2016
Differentiable Neural Computing
Graves et al
Nature, 2016
Feature based attention and expectation
Summerfield & Egner
TICS, 2016
Irrational and optimal economic decisions
Tsetsos et al
PNAS, 2016
Near-optimal integration of approximate number
Tickle et al
J Cog. Neuro. 2016


Feature expectation heightens visual sensitivity
Cheadle et al
J. Vision 2015
Do humans make good decisions?
Tsetsos & Summerfield
TICS, 2015
Decisions under focussed and divided attention
Wyart et al
J. Neurosci, 2015
Two sources of uncertainty in decision-making
Michael et al
Cerebral Cortex, 2015


Adaptive gain control during decision-making
Cheadle et al
Neuron, 2014
Expectation in perceptual decision-making
Summerfield & de Lange
Nat. Rev. Neurosci, 2014
Priming by the variability of visual information
Michael et al
PNAS, 2014
Neural mechanisms of economic commitment
Tsetsos et al
Elife, 2014


Repetition enhancement and suppression in vision
de Gardelle et al
Cerebral Cortex, 2013
Attention sharpens neural codes for expectation
Jiang et al
J. Neurosci 2013
Overlapping neural patterns for expectations
de Gardelle et al
Front Hum Neurosci 2013


Expectation sharpens perceptual decisions
Wyart et al
PNAS, 2012
Rhythmic fluctuations in evidence accumulation
Wyart et al
Neuron, 2012
Bridging perceptual and economic decisions
Tsetsos et al
Front Hum Neurosci 2012


Decisions in a rapidly changing environment
Summerfield et al
Neuron, 2011
Robust averaging during perceptual judgement
de Gardelle et al
PNAS, 2011
Economic bias in perceptual decisions
Summerfield et al
Front Hum Neurosci 2010
Expectation suppression in visual cortex
Egner et al
J Neurosci, 2010
Two mechanisms for task switching in the PFC
Hyafil et al
J Neurosci, 2009
Expectation and adaptation in visual cortex
Summerfield et al
Nature Neurosci, 2008
A neural representation of prior information
Summerfield et al
Neuron, 2008
An information theoretic model of PFC function
Koechlin & Summerfield
TICS, 2007
Predictive codes in the prefrontal cortex
Summerfield et al
Science, 2006