Contacting the Lab

To contact the lab PI, please write to

We recruit volunteers to participate in our experiments! If you are interested, please write to or search for us on Amazon Mechanical Turk or Prolific Academic. You will be compensated for your time.

Visitors: If you are visiting us in person, New Radcliffe House can be found here.

Data and Code

We are committed to open science. Data and source code for our publications should be available on our GitHub site. If you would like access to a dataset that you can’t find there, please email the PI.

Climate Change

We are alarmed by the world’s inaction over climate change. We are committed to sustainable travel wherever possible. The lab PI does not fly to give talks, examine vivas or review grants (but is always happy to take the train!). For more details, see here.

Joining the Lab

We’re always interested in hearing from people who are interested in joining the lab. However, please bear in mind the caveats below:

  • If you are interested in joining the lab as a PhD student, please first read the information on the Oxford University Graduate Admissions pages. The admissions deadline is in early January each year. Please look carefully at the research topics in the lab; it is hard for us to support applications from students in very different research areas. It’s probably worth pointing out that Oxford offers relatively few funded scholarships, and these are extremely competitive, especially if you are from outside the UK/EU. Please contact the PI with ideas in mind for a proposal.

  • If you are interested in joining as a visiting researcher or student, do write to us. However, we don’t usually take visitors for less than a 6-month stay. All visits have to be approved by a central committee in the department. If you need a visa to study in the UK, unfortunately it’s not usually possible for the department to help with administrative issues.

  • We have a new funding award from the Wellcome Trust and are actively looking for postdocs. please get in touch if you are interested: