Lab PI

Chris Summerfield
Chris is the lab PI. He is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, and a Research Scientist at Deepmind

Postdocs and Fellows

Stephanie Nelli
Steph did her PhD with John Serences at UCSD.

Neil Garrett
Neil is a Henry Wellcome fellow. He trained with Tali Sharot and Nathaniel Daw.
Hannah Sheahan
Hannah did her PhD in Cambridge with Daniel Wolpert.
Keno Juechems
Keno did his PhD with us. He is now a Junior Research Fellow at St Johns College, co-supervised by Laurence Hunt and Mike Browning.
Yinan Cao
Yinan joined the lab as a postdoc after finishing his PhD with us, Charles Spence and Christoph Kayser.
Paul Muhle-Karbe
Paul trained with Tobias Egner. He is a Henry Wellcome fellow jointly with Mark Stokes.
Paula Parpart
Paula did her PhD with Brad Love and founded BrainPool before returning to academia

PhD students

Fabrice Luyckx
Fabrice is a 4th year PhD student suppported by the Clarendon Fund.
Ron Dekker
Ron is a 3rd year PhD student funded by the Glyn Humphries Scholarship.
Mira Dumblaska
Mira is a 3rd year PhD student funded by the ESRC,
Timo Flesch
Timo is a 2nd year PhD student funded by the MRC.

Adam Harris
Adam joined in 2019 as a PhD student funded by the Wellcome Trust.
Leonie Glitz
Leonie joined in 2019 and is supported by the Clarendon Fund. She is cosupervised by Helen Barron
Sarah Armstrong
Sarah joined in 2019 and is funded by the Wellcome Trust and cosupervised by Adam Packer and Andrew Saxe.

Alumni (PhD students)

Elizabeth Michael
Lizzie defended her PhD in 2015. She is now a Henry Wellcome fellow in Cambridge.
Dan Bang
Dan defended his PhD in 2015. He is now a Henry Wellcome fellow at UCL, Harvard and Virgina Tech.
Jan Balaguer
Jan defended his PhD in 2018. He is now a research engineer with Deepmind.
Hannah Tickle
Hannah defended her PhD in 2018. She is now a data scientist at Memrise in London.
Santiago Herce-Castanon
Santiago defended his PhD in 2018. He is now a postdoc with Daphne Bavelier.
Hildward Vandormael
Hil defended his PhD in 2017. He is now working as a data scientist for the University of Oxford.
Vickie Li
Vickie defended her PhD in 2019. She is now working as a data scientist.

Alumni (postdocs)

Vincent de Gardelle
Vincent is now a tenured CNRS researcher at the Sorbonne, Paris.
Valentin Wyart
Valentin is now a tenured INSERM researcher at the ENS, Paris.
Alejo Nevado-Holgado
Alejo is now a PI in the psychiatry department in Oxford.
Annabelle Blangero
Annabelle is now a data scientist for OCTO technology (Paris)
Konstantinos Tsetsos
Kos is now a PI at UKE Hamburg.
Bernhard Spitzer
Bernie is now a PI at the Centre for Adaptive Rationality (Berlin)
Andreas Jarvstad
Andreas is now a faculty member in the department of psychology at City University
Hamed Nili
Hamed is now a researcher at fMRIB in Oxford.
Andrew Saxe
Andrew has started a new group in Oxford on a Henry Dale Fellowship.